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Wireless Email

Features and Benefits

GoodLink Wireless Email – Features and Benefits

GoodLink is the leader in wireless messaging technology, offering the easiest to use and most powerful application for your device. GoodLink turns your Palm or Windows Mobile device into a powerful, Outlook-like device with ease of navigation and use. GoodLink synchronizes more efficiently than any other device, which makes battery life excellent. The synchronization with your device is real-time, so when you receive emails or changes in your Exchange mailbox, they appear on your device almost immediately.

This solution is great for people that are not very technical, and the user can install the GoodLink application wirelessly (no desktop installation) through an easy-to-follow set of activation instructions. GoodLink will work on just about any device except Blackberry devices.

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Blackberry Wireless Email – Features and Benefits

Blackberry has been the standard wireless email solution by which all others are compared. Blackberry offers full wireless activation and real-time synchronization with your Outlook mailbox. Unlike GoodLink, Blackberry uses its own application that operates slightly differently than Outlook, but serves the same purpose. Blackberry devices are very durable and do well in industrial, manufacturing or similar environments. Blackberry devices also have good battery life.

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Exchange ActiveSync Wireless Email – Features and Benefits

Microsoft Exchange Server provides built-in synchronization capability with Windows Mobile (formerly Pocket PC) and Smartphone devices. Utopia supports the full range of ActiveSync features, including the new, “Always Up To Date (AUTD)” feature. What this means is when information in your Exchange mailbox changes, your device is automatically notified by the server and synchronizes the changes. This makes ActiveSync work similarly to Blackberry and GoodLink. The synchronization of ActiveSync is slightly less efficient, so battery life tends to not be as good.

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