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Web Hosting

Platforms Compared – Windows and Linux

Here is a hosting features grid for both platforms:

Feature Windows Linux
Hardware Platform Dell PowerEdge 1950 Dell PowerEdge 1950
Operating System Windows 2008 RedHat 5 ES
Database Available Yes Microsoft SQL 2005 Yes – MySQL 5.x
FrontPage Extensions Yes Yes
Customer Control Panel Yes - Plesk 9.x Yes - CPanel v11.x
Email Included Yes Yes – POP/IMAP/WebMail
WebMail Access Yes Yes – 2 Webmail Clients
SPAM Control Yes Yes - SPAMAssasin
FTP Access Yes Yes
ASP and ASP.NET Yes No
CGI Yes – Not optimized Yes - Optimized
Perl Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Custom Add-ins Yes No
Custom File Perms Yes Yes – CPanel Controlled
Web Stats Logging Yes Yes – Standard
Server Monitoring Yes Yes
Redundant Server Yes Yes
Custom Site Config Yes Yes
Site Backups – Daily Yes Yes