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Email Archiving and Compliance by Global Relay


Global Relay is the industry leader in providing email archive and compliance solutions. They have provided compliance solutions without a single incident of data loss. Their services were designed to specifically meet the stringent SEC/NASD compliance requirements, and are provided throughout North America and Europe to Broker-Dealers, Investment Advisors and Hedge Funds. Their systems are extremely reliable with the fastest search and recovery capabilities the world today. Utopia has partnered with this leading organization to bring you the best in compliance and archiving available anywhere.

Take Control... Never lose email again! You need to retain, protect, manage and ensure authenticity of your company’s intellectual capital. In today’s business world, email & IM archiving has become a corporate necessity. Whether communicating with suppliers, clients or employees, virtually all agreements, understandings and documents are transmitted via email or IM. But email & IM archiving is more than the preservation of your corporate e-records. It’s a matter of Reputation, Integrity and Control.

The Global Relay Solution

Global Relay's archiving solutions incorporate the following depending on your organization's needs:

  1. The Message Archiver automatically captures an indelible copy of every email, IM and attachment, securely and confidentially indexing and storing the messages in Global Relay’s Data Center. The simple, timesaving online search and retrieval process provides rapid access to current and historical email & IM records, even if the original has been deleted.
  2. The Compliance Reviewer, our multi-tier turnkey supervisory system to enforce and monitor email policies regarding appropriate email usage, corporate governance and privacy. It enables the review of email flagged by keyword scanning, structured query or random sampling; and
  3. The Storage Robot, our 150 terabyte secondary near-online storage (NOS) robotic tape libraries using dedicated WORM tapes with write verification (used in addition to primary online RAID storage).

Global Relay EMA Diagram

Utopia Systems offers both Enterprise & Compliance Archiving:

  • Enterprise Archiving pdf
  • Compliance Archiving pdf
  • Why Archive? pdf

Compliance Overview

Their technology provides compliance with: Broker-Dealer SEC Rule 17a-4 and NASD Rules 3010 & 3110; Investment Advisor SEC Rules 204-2 & 206(4)-7 and Hedge Fund Rule 203(b)(3)-2; IDA Bylaw 29.7 (Canada); CFTC Rule 1.31; NFA Rule 2-9; Sarbanes Oxley Act; HIPAA; Graham-Leach Bliley Act; PIPA & PIPEDA; Patriot Act; FERC; FCC, Business Continuity Plans under NASD Rule 3510 & IDA By-law 1719 etc.

Utopia Global Relay Archive Service Pricing

One-time Setup Fee: $995.00

Monthly Archiving and Compliance Fee: $10.00 / user / 1GB Storage / Year

Minimum User Plan: 20 users

Each Global Relay user has 1GB of available archive storage to keep messages for one (1) year. After one (1) year, each user has an additional 1GB available to store messages. Customers can store messages for as many years as they need to meet their compliance obligation. Customers with fewer than 20 users will have to purchase the minimum 20-user plan.

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