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Co-location & Managed Services

Hosted Server Management by Utopia

The following is an overview of server management services:

  • Operating System installation and configuration
  • Custom application configuration (Web, SQL, Messaging)
  • Server Security Assessment and Lockdown
  • Service Pack, Patch and Security Update Application
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Consulting Service – System and Software Development

Utopia has years of experience managing Microsoft and related environments. In addition, prior to the birth of Utopia Systems, many of the individuals at Utopia provided consulting services around enterprise applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, either with Microsoft Consulting Services or other consulting firms. It is this enterprise background, and applying best practices from our corporate customers that make us unique. We have been able to achieve service level availability metrics of 99.9% plus, without the use of Windows Server clustering, and 99.99%+ with clustering services. This is mainly due to our sophisticated but simplified approach to server configuration and management.

Utopia has expertise in managing SUN Solaris and RedHat Linux environments for web, messaging and database applications. Utopia also support a complete hosting solution, cPanel (see www.cpanel.net for more information) on RedHat Enterprise Servers.

Utopia institutes many best practices in managing servers. We start by securing the internals of the server environment, such as making it resistant to attack from the outside, prohibiting users from unauthorized access to the servers, restricting permissions, understanding the nature and usability of the customer application and making the appropriate adjustments or implement additional needed security measures. These are just a few as examples. In addition, we perform account auditing and server log reporting. We enable security logging to keep track of users logging on and off of the system, as well as any attempts to access resources outside of their scope. The last procedure to protect the servers from the Internet is server services on the external facing network are disabled and firewall rules assigned to it. The customer has a choice between Microsoft’s ISA Server or Cisco’s PIX 520 Enterprise firewalls protecting their servers.

From a server perspective, we run primarily the Dell PowerEdge line of servers. Mostly all servers are either dual our quad processor machines with 1-4GB of RAM, RAID 1, RAID 5 or both, dual network cards, dual power supplies and 24x7, 4-hour response from the manufacturer. As a result, we have been able to achieve over 99.9% uptime for server and hosted services. We currently manage over 15 TB of data, which is backed up to SAN (Storage Area Network) attached, Network Attached Storage (NAS) Servers and select data is backed up to tape for off-site storage in a secure vault. Primary customer data resides on local-attached storage or EMC/Clarion SAN-based storage.